Marks Paralegal Plus

Nothing Less than Excellence!
  1. Leslie Marks
    Leslie Marks
    Freelance Paralegal with over 30 years experience working with attorneys in State and Federal Court. Bankrupty, Civil Litigation, and Limited Conservatorships are a few areas in which I specialize.
  2. Limited Conservatorship
    Limited Conservatorship
    After obtaining Limited Conservatorship for my son, I was asked to prepare Limited Conservatorship packages for low income families. The Court Appointed Attorneys review all documents prepared. I have 100% success rate.
  3. Document Preparation
    Document Preparation
    Preparation of documents for attorneys and pro se litigants. I am NOT an attorney so I do not give legal advice. I can prepare documents for court filings given specific instructions, and/or with attorney supervision.
What can I do for you?
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    Civil Litigation
    Document Preparation, Efiling in State and Federal Court.
  2. 1
    Preparation of Bankruptcy Forms and preparation of documents for the Mortgage Modification Program.
  3. 2
    Limited Conservatorships only: Prepare all documents and set hearing date. I do this service for low income families. If you have a Special Needs Trust, I can refer you to attorneys who provide excellent service.
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    Lil Bout Me
    I have worked in the legal field for over 30 years. Currently I am a first year law student in an online law school. I have a special Adult son and we do lots of activities in the Special Olympics. I am an advocate for Special people of all ages.